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Creating connections and fostering relationships to our Earth through awareness exercises, self discovery, and the primitive arts known as Earth Living Skills.  

We are all EARTH people!  We all share the same matter and energy within a finite system. We all share air, water, food and natural resources.  We all have an inherent and instinctual connection to the Earth.  We believe that through this connection we can discover our authentic EARTH-SELF ......

Here at Earth Living Skills School we have an array of classes and workshops ranging from; part-day to week long, intense and engaging to mellow and connective, to interactive and inspiring. Our classes and workshops are structured in a way that......

ELSS is featured as one of the main anchors for experiential and sensory tourism by New Mexico Ture. We conducted the "Becoming Earth" experience (Video). We are fortunate to be a part of this effort and will soon have dates for this offering for 2017. Participant Testimonials Video

ELSS received funding from the Chamiza Foundation for the Traditional Earth Living Skills Pueblo of Jemez Youth Nature Immersion Program.

ELSS also received a general operating grant from

the McCune Foundation for A BIG THANKS goes out to both Foundations.  

We would like to say thanks to all who have donate and we would like to express our heart-felt gratitude for these donations and any forthcoming future donations. Your help and support goes toward helping develop our classes, workshops, programs and projects.  THANK YOU! 

We are engaged in many projects, inititives, programs and efforts. Our work not only is focused on youth and adult outdoor education opportunities, but also others such as; rural economic development, cultural preservation and landscape conservation and restoration

Skill of the Month - Friction Fire in Cold Damp Conditions

At ELSS we have one skill per month that we focus on, learn about and strive to get better at. This month that skill is making friction fire in cold, damp and dark conditions.  Making friction fire is a skill that is essential to have not only to survive but to live in harmony and ........ 


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