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Willow & Cedar Mellon Basket Weaving Class

Willow & Cedar Mellon Basket Weaving Class

A medicine man once told me that a basket is not just a basket. It is not just an object that we put things into and take things out of. It is a symbolic representation of our mind and soul. Just like a basket we choose what to put in it and take out of it. The same goes for our mind and soul! Whether conscious or subconscious we make choices every moment of every day in regards to what we allow ourselves to be exposed to. We also have the ability to take out and give and share of ourselves ever moment of every day.  The basket is a reminder for us to choose to be exposed to positive things, to put good energy into our mind and soul to surround ourselves with good and beautiful things. It is also a reminder for us to choose to share the good gifts and talents of ourselves with family, friends and the tribe. To not be afraid to share, shine and serve.

Students will learn how to respectfully harvest willows and cedar bark with a “Care Giver” stewardship perspective. They will learn about the roles of willow and cedar in their relevant habitats and about the animals that use these plants. Students will take on the role of the creator as they coax and persuade the willows and cedar to become a basket in a simple warp and weft weave.

This class will be in two parts. Part 1: The Harvest: will take place on the first Saturday and Part 2: The Creation: will take place on the second Saturday.

Students will need to bring the following
- Notebook - Pen/pencil - Sharp knife
- Hand saw - Pruners - Leather awl or nail
- Lunch & water

Date & Time:
Part 1: 3/18/2017 starts at 8:00am ends at 2:00pm
Part 2: 3/25/2017 starts at 9:00am ends at 12:00pm
Part 1: Buck Creek Campground
Part 2: Whatcom Falls Park, picnic pavilion near the fish hatchery
*cedar bark is harvested from newly down cedar trees not from a live standing trees.
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