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Primitive Fire Making Workshop

Primitive Fire Making Workshop

Have you ever wanted to feel the freedom and empowerment that comes with making fire from nature’s raw materials in a primitive way? Have you ever been in the wilderness and found yourself without matches, in need of a fire and had the confidence to craft primitive fire tools from scratch to start your fire. Have you ever wanted to feel connected to the earth and sun in a very direct, spiritual, and profound way? Now is your opportunity to become knowledgeable in the ways and wisdoms of ancient fire making.

Making fire is one of the most ancient Earth Living Skills. Fire has always been shrouded with mysticism, magic, power and sacredness. Many tribes had and continue to have societies whose sole responsibility was and is to start the fires and keep them going for the people. Our ancestors used fire to cook food, purify water, warm their homes, scare off animals, smoke-out insects, make tools, harden pottery, process hides, craft medicines, healing sweats and many other purposes.

In this 3 hour class students will learn how to use hand tools safely to craft primitive fire making tools, how to prepare an area for making a fire, what plants to harvest for making primitive fire making tools, how to craft primitive fire making tools, how to make fire in the bow drill and hand drill methods and how to transport and manage fire safely and responsibly.

Students will need to bring the following:
- Notebook - Pen/pencil - Sharp knife
- Hand saw - Hand ax/hatchet

Date & Time: 2/5/2017 Starts at 9:00am End at 12:00pm
Location: Wathcom Falls Park, picnic pavilion near the fish hatchery.
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